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"Bear Clubs" are social clubs found throughout the world. In fact, most major cities have a Club. Lookout Bears was founded by Mario Forte in February of 1998 in attempt to provide a social escape to the Chattanooga area gay community. Living in the "South" is not easy for a gay person. Prejudice, bigotry, religion, family - society in general, has produced a social structure which, in general, demeans anyone who is openly gay.

Lookout Bears' function as a Club, is to arrange social events and to provide a means of communication about activities. Club meetings are held on the fourth Saturday of each month. The Club meets at "The Clubhouse" (a private residence used exclusively by the Club), located at 99 Tuxedo Circle, Chattanooga, TN 37411. The meeting night usually begins with dinner at 7:30pm at the Clubhouse (either a "pot luck" or a special theme), followed by the meeting at 9pm. The meetings usually discuss the membership, club funds, make announcements and plan forthcoming events. Social activities that are planned include: movie nights, camping weekends, ski weekend, annual picnic, bowling, bar night, softball or other sporting interests, pool parties, etc. The Club's biggest annual event is the "Halloween Bash" weekend, which usually consists of a trip to the Comedy Catch, Bowling Competition and Halloween Party. A bi-monthly newsletter containing news, club information, and up-coming events is sent out (by U.S. Mail) to all Members, Associate Members, and other Bear Clubs along with weekly e-mail reminders.

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